Commercially sold herbal tea.."a band-wagon effect"

November 8, 2012 6:40pm CST
Last weekend we went to the grocery, upon walking the isle, I saw the tea (guyabano + bignay) that is being used by my son's nanny to helo cure her breast lumps. I look into it and check the price, I was suprised because it was really expensive. I just thought that we can have it by out own. Just have some of the parts used for it and dry it by your own and use it the same way as the the one being sold in the market. I also found that they are selling herbal capsule (malunggay or horse radish) which is really expensive compared to what I did at home (just buy empty capsule and fill it wiht specific amount of the dried malunggay leaves). This makes me think that many here in our country were influenced by the "band-wagon effect". Once they knew something that are really effective, they will go on producing it and sold it commercially which in fact can be done at home. Mylotters, do you also do some herbal products by your own? Good day...
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@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
9 Nov 12
Hi, Why go commercial if all those leaves and fruits can be had right in my very own backyard? I don't think I can benefit from the processed ones more than the natural way of eating them, straight from the tree. Guyabano, there they just rot away on the trees by my house, horseradish, we have that everyday especially during the rainy months when foods are scarce. They grow everywhere here and it can have for free.
• Philippines
10 Nov 12
Yes that is really a good way to have this herbal medicine. Such plants are really available in the backyards. Instead of spending hundreds of pesos to buy this products, why not make your own. Now I am doing my own malunngay/horseradish supplements.