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@talker1 (148)
New Zealand
November 30, 2012 3:42pm CST
i find it really facinating the way the elderly are and the attitude that they have going on. Such as, I have recently come into contact with an elderly woman with whom I have to work with, because of my working conditions. Now at some level i had a feeling that our interaction would be the way it is, and now being whom i am and the people experience that i have had up until now, i am making it my mission to do the best i can in working with this woman. but you get to a point and think to yourself, why do people like you think that only they have it tough or had it tough and the rest of us are getting an easy ride. When noone really knows whats going on for someone else- really.
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• United States
1 Dec 12
I have also worked with the elderly in a variety of capacities at work, church, neighbors, friends, hobbies and home. They can be such a blessing to be around with their different perspectives and having seen so many things come down the pike more than a time or two. Regarding the having it tough versus easy ride perspective, I think that's pretty universal. At some point in our lives, we'll have that point of view as well. Best wishes! :-)
• Lenox, Georgia
30 Nov 12
Honestly, I have met SO many people like this. They think they have it so hard and everyone else has an easy life. They judge this without even knowing the person well usually. I actually had a guy tell me because he is older than me he is more intelligent than I am and he has been through more than I have. And yet, when I told him all I have been through and asked him if he has gone through all of that he said no. Wow, so maybe he didn't know me so well after all! It is annoying when people act this way. They have NO idea what others go through, the struggles people have faced, and the hardships!
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• South Africa
20 Feb 13
I know what you mean. I have met and worked with people who had a similar attitude. It can become so painful emotionally and mentally to deal with them.Just try and have as little to do with that type of person as possible.I guess it is not easy, since you work together. Try not to take her too seriously ( even if you pretend to agree but you actually dont :) ... some people just LOVE the sound of their own voice, giving advice even when no one asks for it. Hang in there and just be as dignified and respectful as possible ( cos it it your place of work after all. I agree with you, no one knows what is ggoing on with someone else! Hang in there...and keep smiling
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
30 Nov 12
I"m an "older woman" myself at 65 yrs. old and I love to work with the elderly. I live in a SR. Citizens only apartment complex and I'm the youngest one in the place so I'm always helping someone out. My neighbor uses a walker and has a hard time getting in and out of her apartment. If I'm in the hall when she is I always help her get in o r out. I always thought I had it tough until I moved here!