Chinese food

December 12, 2012 3:02am CST
I like chinese food, especially the food in my hometown, for me, it is not just the taste or the food itself, it is about homesick. Food can bring our memory back to hometown, we miss the food there, we also miss the people live there. they are the reason why we are so eager to back home at the end of year. they are the reason why we can be confident when we are in face of difficulties. food is not only food, it is a kind of faith and dream.
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@jkli123 (67)
• Singapore
29 Dec 12
I absolutely love chinese food. and its definitely true what you wrote that it food actually holds faith and dream and especially when you are away from home and you can defeinitely have some memories of your hometown from eating food that origins there. Its such a warmhearting feeling.
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• China
24 Dec 12
Hi,Echo,glad to know that we are from the same country.I have a friend who is studying abroad,every time before she returns to China,she will list a long list full of chinese dishes for her mother.
• China
24 Dec 12
Maybe they can't get so many dilicious food abroad, so how happy and lucky we are to live in China.
@UmiNoor (3535)
• Malaysia
19 Dec 12
In my country, there are three major races; the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians so we have a variety of cuisines here. I love to eat Chinese food but sometimes I find Chinese food a little bland and not spicy like Malay food or Indian food. So I only eat Chinese food when I'm in the mood for something bland.
• China
21 Dec 12
yes, the preference of choosing the food is depended on the mood we are in, so if you have a happy mode everyday, you will also have a good appetite to have a big dinner.
@lldrwin (187)
• China
16 Dec 12
Interesting,this is the first time I've heard the special interpretation about chinese food.Not only contain emotion to hometown,also the delicious food. I guess you are far away from home ,are you studying abroad?Christmas is coming ,you will back home soon.Wish you enjoy your holiday,more important,the hometown food.
• China
18 Dec 12
you are so kind, i graduated from university 2 years ago, now i work in another city, i will back home this spring festival. may you merry christmas and have a happy new year.
• China
13 Dec 12
Haha yes I miss my hometown very much but actually I also can eat food from my hometown in my current city. But I think might be your topic change to Food of hometown will be great,otherwise others will think that you are discussing the Chinese food.
• China
14 Dec 12
yes,your suggestion is pretty good, i will take care of it next time, thank you very much
• Philippines
12 Dec 12
I also like chinese food especially the unhealthy ones. :) I know that it's not best for our health but I just can't help myself but eat yangchow rice. If you're living in another country, the tendency is to miss not just the food but the fun activities that you're doing with your family and relatives. Here in our country, get-togethers are very important and eating together is one way of family bonding.
• China
12 Dec 12
at the end of year, i will miss family very much. i plan to go back to hometown this spring festival and meet my friends and relatives .
@babyeve (1051)
• Seychelles
30 Jan 13
I love Chinese food. I like it because how it tastes and the ingredients that they add to their food. I love how they do their noodles and Fried Rice. I love their onion rings and snacks.
• China
3 Jan 13
Hi echo, very glad to know that we are from the same country, I'm from Sichuan province, so i like food very much. Especially Sichuan style.
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
24 Dec 12
I am also fund of Chinese foods, we have 4 Chinese restaurants exclusively, in addition to this we have so many hotels serving Chines cushions. We eat out side once a month, and this is usually Chinese food lol. Thanks for sharing. CHEERS