Why do you love where you live?

United States
December 12, 2012 2:23pm CST
I live in Westchester county and in my town it is the highest crime rated town in the county. now,that makes me not want to live here forever. but,the reason why I love living where I live is they cleaned up this area big time years ago. I can walk outside my house at midnight and find three people walking on the road. I moved into the nicest building in the area and the building is one of the safest as well. I have such nice people in my area that makes me feel welcome too. then there is this beautiful apt that looks like it should be in another town somewhere. But,the best thing about living here is I am walking distance to all my family members.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
27 Jan 13
hi, i could say that i love the place where i live now,actually i live here in my place for almost 18 years,and i know all people in our streets so that even i went home in the late of evening i don't have any hesitate because they knew me well and i know them well too.
• United States
14 Dec 12
I've been living at our new house for 6 months now. I live it because it is big, airy and beautiful. I have my own bathroom where I can have my stuff and no one else's stuff gets in there. I also love the dogwood trees and the azaleas and the little forest in my back yard. I love the back deck where I can sit out in the sun or gaze at the stars at night. We have neighbors, but everyone stays to themselves. I don't know anyone in the neighborhood, but that is okay. I love the solitude here.
@Arieles (2474)
• United States
13 Dec 12
I really don't like where I am living other than I do get to have time with my Mom who is now 70. I am grateful I get to get this time with her, even though we get on each others nerves from time to time. I know she will be gone from us all to soon, but I don't want to think about that now. My oldest daughter will be moving home, in four days from Virginia and she will be bringing her husband and my grandson with her. It will be nice to have them living close again. I will be able to get to know my grandson. I've only seen him once. I do enjoy being able to walk to the stores (we have a kmart, grocery store and a family dollar I like to frequent). I do plan on moving though as soon as possible and I'm busy working on that now.
@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
12 Dec 12
I like where I live also......I feel oh so comfortable in my home..I can now leave my windows open at night in the summer and not worry about anyone on the back of the building. I don't hear police sirens on a weekly on montly basis...I like my neighbors...they stay in their place and I stay in mine.. I am scared for you a lot of times...and you know why...there are always shootings and stabbings and gang fights in the town where you live..It may not be in your area on a regular but people follow people in cars..there are so many drive-bys... And you walk from one side to the other side of the town. and I know some of those areas are just not safe.. You know yourself that youn have called me on the phone to talk to you until you get into your building..Noww that I don't mind because I am happy to do that for your safety...Your town keeps the locat new channel busy...LOL
• United States
12 Dec 12
I like where I am at, because there is access to a lot of stuff. There are good restaurants, good local food, nice shopping and other things that make the area attractive to me. Of course, we are not committed to staying here on the long-term. We like the area, but there is a big world out there, and some other areas have more opportunities for us than what are available to us here. We have been entertaining the thought of moving overseas. Where we would relocate to would likely have a higher crime rate, but it would also offer a lot more opportunities for both of us.