Misleading site, redirected from facebook ads. Have you ever been tricked?

@besweet (7227)
December 16, 2012 2:29pm CST
I was on facebook the other day and an advertisment about a well known and expensive shoe brand appeared on the right hand side of my page. It said that they have cheap shoes from this luxury shoe brand and it sounded interesting so I clicked on the ad and I was redirected to the site with the shoes. It seemed nice at first and they had the brand name at the top of the webpage so I thought they were original shoes. But as I was browsing through the site, I realised that they were probably fakes. They had the red outsole at the bottom which is the main characteristic of the Louboutin shoes, but the web adress was cleverly changed, to look like the official site but on second look it was not. After checking the contact information and the "privacy notice" section, where the websites usually have some indication of the country where the site is based, I didn't find anything. So I confirmed my suspicions that it had nothing to do with the original brand. Have you ever been tricked by advertisments in order to visit the website and the realised that it is not the official site of the service that you were looking for?
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