Straighten Teeth Naturally at Home.

@Erynn14 (360)
December 18, 2012 6:21am CST
Guys! Again, I search for the way to straighten my teeth naturally at home without having braces. But what I found is that, there is no other way besides having braces to straighten my teeth. Is that real? I hope it wasn't. Because I really wanted to straighten my teeth since if I want to have braces, I will need to wait for 3 years for the treatment. By the way, I found out there are people making fake braces on their own at Youtube. That was amazing for them to have such idea to make braces on their own with a hair pin and I do not remember what they put it as the bracket. Well, there are people saying the fake braces work on straightening their teeth. Do any Mylotters experience it? Straighten teeth with fake braces or use own way to straighten teeth without having braces?