Ed Wood

December 27, 2012 10:34am CST
Ed Wood is considered to be the worst Hollywood director ever. All his movies are considered to be terribly week. "Ed Wood", the movie that tells the story of his life, won 2 Oscars and is a great movie. I'm curious if you saw it and what's your opinion about the character. It really touched me. What I found interesting about Ed Wood is that he never give up. He struggled a lot to make movies because he believed in his movies, in his ideas, in what he wanted to share with other. Every review was bad, nobody liked his work, but he continue to to it until he died. There were a lot of stories of people that weren't appreciated during their lifes, but after their deaths they were considered geniouses. Edgar Allen Poe is the first example that pops into my mind. Ed Wood was not the case. Do you think that is a universal measure for value? Is Ed Wood a really bad director that never noticed this, or just a mind that nobody understands?
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
28 Dec 12
You can believe in your movies, in your ideas, but you may not have the ability to put the movie together, to hire the right actors for the plot because it is not in your genes. I think this was the case of Ed Wood. He probably did not have the ability to put a movie together in the way he intended. Also he may not have known how to direct. It was not his subject, but rather how he put it together and what he used as back props - like shower curtains in Plan 9 from Outer Space, and the words when the evil aliens said, "Your stupid, stupid,stupid."
@UmiNoor (3535)
• Malaysia
28 Dec 12
I saw Ed Wood many years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because it's both funny and serious all at the same time. While watching the movie, I kept thinking that this guy, Ed Wood must be delusional. Even without much money and no backer for his movies, he still wanted to make movies. That is either persistence or insanity. I love Johnny Depp in the role of Ed Wood, though. He really breathed life into the character and he's so believable as Ed Wood.
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@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
27 Dec 12
I saw it,, didnt like it. I do love Johhnny Depp. Thats why I saw it. I loved him in the series 21 jump street. But Ed wood isnt one of my favorites. Take care there.
• Romania
28 Dec 12
Is fascinating how Johnny Depp can act so many different roles and with so much talent.