How Yall Doing On Jan 9,2012?

@shante2 (338)
United States
January 9, 2013 3:42pm CST
So I went to the the store today, and this fine young dude approach me saying hello Miss lady, I just seen you from over there and had to come approach you, he said that i hope you aint got a man or married, i lift up my hand and said yes your to late I'm happily married, sorry but thank you for coming all the way over here to me to tell me that. That was so funny. Lol!!!:)
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@cupkitties (7270)
• United States
9 Jan 13 It makes me a bit uncomfortable when a man approaches me with a line like that. Though not as bad as "Hey, gurl. Let me hollah at chew!" or something equally stupid. I don't want to move that fast.
• Jacksonville, Florida
9 Jan 13
Aw I would have been flattered, but also told him the same thing-Sorry I'm married. =) But it is nice to get compliments like that, if for nothing else just to know we are still beautiful!
• United States
9 Jan 13
If a man were to come to me speaking the way this man spoke with such bad language. even though I am not married I would have lied and said I was. I hate to hear aint from anyone talking to me. oh,it boils me inside.