Windows 7 CD copy to USB is that possible?

January 21, 2013 10:22pm CST
i want to format my netbook but it has no CD drive. if possible that you can transfer your windows 7 OS to a flashdrive and you can able to run it, can you share it to me?
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@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
22 Jan 13
Oh yes, this is quite common practice nowadays. I have actually installed Windows 8 onto a flash drive and used it as a separate operating system than the one on the hard drive, although I do not believe this is possible with Windows 7. However, installing from a flash drive is fairly simple. I have never done this myself because I have always had disk drives in all my computers, but here is a link to a simple to follow tutorial:
27 Jan 13
i have done this tutorial many time but it only woks with me one time don't know why ... the next time when i tried from memory card it didn't know..:(
• Philippines
10 Feb 13
i try it in windows XP but the processed didnt work. I only do the processing in the XP, the OS that I boot is Windows 7 they say in the process DISKPART LIST DISK they say your hard disk and your flash drive appears, below but my hard disk is only appeared.. so i cant move to the next step =(
@j220se (3)
• Philippines
22 Jan 13
that's totally possible but one thing, you have to make your usb flash drive bootable, if not, that won't work.... wish you luck
• Philippines
22 Jan 13
yes my flash drive is bootable but i dont know how to boot the autorun of windows 7. if i know when formatting the computer the USB port disable, thx for answer
@dipak777 (177)
• India
30 Jan 13
hi mikemontez, booting with thumb drive,flash drive or pendrive is useful and easy task. make your flash drive bootable using win2flash.
@pals101 (2011)
• Philippines
22 Jan 13
Yes, its possible. That is what we called as "USB Boot Installation". This are becoming popular today because some netbook don't have dvd/cd drive. I think there are tutorials in the net in which you can browse on how to do this. You can follow the steps provided. That is very easy especially if you are an computer enthusiast. Just browse the web using this quotes: "Windows Installation using USB/Flash Drive". Inform me if you have accomplish me..