I have been thinking about adrain and his job..

United States
February 11, 2013 1:25am CST
When we move he will be giving up his job. and that is one man who no matter how much pain he is in has to go to work. I am use to living on one little income. he is not and having to live check to check will cause problems for us. I did talk to him about that and he was like I thought about that as well. I was thinking what could he do with his spare time in the new house. as it is he is a clean freak. he dusts every tiny crevice and he would be all over just looking for something to clean. I clean the toilet all the time. I be hearing him in the bathroom cleaning up. I just laugh because thank god for that clean man. I don't know how we will maintain his car fixing with our small income as well. we have a lot to think about. good thing is he could always get his job if he moved back. most likely I would stay in my new home. I would be saving money so I would not need much after I pay my bills and buy food. That is why I am not taking anything where I pay for heat. that is one bill I refuse to pay.
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@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
11 Feb 13
I don't know everything about this situation of course but I think that leaving a job is a big mistake. Unless you have big money in the bank. Who will provide for your couple then? And what if you need some help for your health? I think that the man should bring the money in the house.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
12 Feb 13
I would imagine that given the work ethic that you've told us that Adrian has that it really won't be all that long after the two of you make your move that he will be looking for some work that he would be able to do in your new home city. For him, being able to take a break for a while will probably be something that is good for him. However, I would think that after a month (two at the most) he will get stir crazy and also tired of living off the meager income and those will be the things that will prompt him to start looking for a new job.
• United States
11 Feb 13
Why can't he get another job after the two of you move? It may take a little while, depending on how the job market is there, but it is perfectly possible. Even if he doesn't get a job outside of the home, he could still find something that he could do from home. As for thinking about whether he could get his job back if he were to move back there... It sounds like you are betting against the relationship lasting when you talk like that. Also, how many car repairs would a car that is rarely driven need? If you are living in a walkable neighborhood, it is unlikely that the car will be getting much use. Once the current problem is fixed, there really shouldn't be much more that needs to be done with the auto.