do you usually have a deep talk with your husband/wife?

February 25, 2013 1:53am CST
DO you usually have a deep talk with your husband/wife?I got married in 2006,and we love each other.but my husband works as a sale manager and I am a licensed pharmacist,so we have nothing in common when we face the same topic,it makes me so confused,what should i do to improve our relationships?
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@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
25 Feb 13
Yes, we do. We can talk about almost anything under the sun. Sometimes, we can go on and on about politics, or handling our finances and our plans. Then again, we have moments like we spend hours debating what sandwich is best to have when stranded on an island or whose fart is more smelly.
@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
25 Feb 13
We talk about books we read, or current events, or we play board games together. To be honest, we don't actually have a lot in common, now that I think about it. We don't like the same music or television, etc. But we have the same basic values and we're interested in each other, so we talk about what each of us is interested in.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
25 Feb 13
I don't have husband but i do have deep talk with family and friends,they know me really well and know what i'm thinking about.So i love them.It's a lucky thing people wants to understand and help you.So i'll do that.It just makes me feel really wonderful.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
25 Feb 13
I have always hope that my husband would come to terms in listening to what i feel. But I always end up just being quiet coz I have seen him really not interested with the things i tell him. Sometimes, i would be talking, then he stands form his seat as if he has heard nothing. Are you in good terms? I mean are you in some phase right now that you seem to have some misunderstanding?
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
25 Feb 13
Hi friend, wife or husband is the most reliable and friendly person of the world. So, everything cannot be shared with wife/husband. we can only deep talk with our closest friends. Wife/husband are the most closest friends in the world. Have a very nice day.
@else22 (4319)
• India
25 Feb 13
WELCOME TO MYLOT.MY BEST WISHES. I am a married male.My wife is a quintessential housewife who is not well educated.I am interested in politica,history,wildlife and literature,but she has no idea about all these fields.Still she has been a very sweet,lovely and innocent life partner.We can't live with each other.Often I try to acquaint her with literature,but every time I do so,I end up laughing.She does not have any interest in literature or any of the subjects I have mentioned above.We often have a deep talk over our household topics such as our income and expenses,upbringing of our kids,her parents etc etc.Her ignorance in the above mentioned subjects does not influence our love for each other.We keep talking for hours.
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 13
im sorry to hear that dear friend. i think it is not too good for couples to be not communicative each other cos communication is one of keys in building a relationship, like marriage. yeah i somtimes feel that having good communication with my hubby is not too easy. but we try hard to be better days by days. fortunately both of us like to tell everything we had or experienced. for example i have problem in my office, i wont hesitate to tell it to my hubby and so does he. he likes to tell about his activity and situation in his office. it makes me know some of his office mates though i never met them. if you asked advice to us, i can say that try to talk about the easiest thing first. for example you can tell about your experience today. what your activities today with your child or your best friends or else. or you can ask him about his activities today and what his feeling about it. and watch his reaction. maybe he will seem not too interesting at the first but dont give up. for me marriage is a never ending process of life so dont stop to learn about it everyday..good luck for you..!! :)
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
25 Feb 13
I think it's not about the similarities. We never talk about our fields at all. We just share what happened at work and then move to something else. We'd talk about the weather, plans of vacation, food that we'd like to try, songs that remind us of something. We talk until we grow sleepy. We allow each other some time away so that whenever we talk, we'd have something to talk about. I don't know, I guess our foundation is about talking. I noticed this one with my parents too, they've been married 33years and still they never run out of topics to talk about. My mom always told me that you should enjoy talking to your partner more than anyone else. So, don't limit your conversations to your field. Find something that both enjoy - perhaps sports? Food? Don't worry, you'll find something for sure, just don't lose hope. Have a great mylot experience ahead!
@miryanag (348)
• Bulgaria
25 Feb 13
I am not married but I havea boyfriend and we are together for 3 years. We don't have much incommon at first sight but I try to make his interests mine and he does the same thing. That is how things work for us.