Who Is Deserving?

@dodoazo (21586)
March 9, 2013 5:28am CST
I was a graduating student in college when a set of jury of selection committee for top academic awardee in all department of courses in the college where I was studying convened. A certain guy from the agriculture department was the candidate for the selection of honorees for the coming recognition day a week before the graduation day. He was well-known in the whole campus. As a low profile student, never in my 1001 thoughts propped up that somebody like me would be in the list of honorees for I was reserved and had a limited friends for at that time I was already married. One member of the jury got out from the an hour-or-so closed door conference in the college president's office. It so happened that we met in the corridor of the college main building. I overheard him murmuring that it was a tough selection process he had encountered in selecting the top most awardee for the year. I greeted him and he responded back. I overheard him saying that there was a tie among the graduates who were recommended for the prestigious and meritorious award. He told me that he voted for a certain graduating student whom he didn't get well acquainted with. He just knew that student by name as presented in the meeting. Then I butted in and asked him if he didn't mind to tell me who's that student whom he voted me. He just left me without saying a word. Everyone in the college campus didn't know who's the top academic awardee for that school year. It was usually kept confidentially under the day of recognition day. That agriculture student with a lot of friends and company in the college already assured himself that he's the one being chosen or selected. He was so confident. He got a lot of extra-curricular activities in the college. Three days before the recognition day, I received a letter for the chairman of the award committee informing me to give a message during the recognition day. I didn't mind it for it is just a litany of school experiences that a speaker in that occasion to deliver, encouraging the undergraduating students to emulate worthy things exemplified by the speaker. At the conclusion of the letter, I was surprise and couldn't believe reading it that I was favorably chosen as the top academic awardee for that year. Mr. Selarde one of the members of the jury defended me and voted me as the one. Mr. Selarde was one of my college instructors, but we were not intimate or close with each other. And he never knew that I was the one whom he talked after the meeting they had had for the selection of the top awardee. After that momentous program of that recognition day, I approached Mr. Selarde and thanked him. He was surprise too, that I was the one whom he met at the college president's office in that "judgment day". Thank God and Thank Mr. Selarde who made my day!
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
9 Mar 13
Congratulations! I'm pretty sure you're just modest and not a low-profile student at all for getting such a nice award!
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
9 Mar 13
A set of criteria is always in place when choosing someone for an academic award. I guess you met that criteria. It doesn't matter if you have lesser friends than the other candidates. What matters is that you have excelled in those aspects that would merit you the top academic award.