Don't know what to do tomorrow.

United States
March 12, 2013 11:48pm CST
Adrain cooked some friend pork chops before I got home from my day out. I went to the supermarket to get chicken cutlet because that was what I wanted for dinner. I came home and ate one pork chop because I know if I don't eat he will say something. so,later on I saw it was two left and went and cooked the chicken for dinner. there was no way two pork chops was going to last for us for dinner. when he saw me cooking the chicken he got all upset and said some words. Nothing disrespectful but something about not needing to cook again. well,I said you know two pork chops is not enough food for dinner. well tomorrow I am leaving and wonder if I should bother cooking or not.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
15 Mar 13
If the pork chops were something that was cooked for lunch then I would say that you were perfectly okay with cooking the chicken for dinner. However, if the pork chops were cooked for a very late lunch/early dinner then I wouldn't cook again because of the fact that it would look like I was disrespecting him and that I didn't want to eat what he had fixed. Me, I would have probably just saved the chicken for the next day and fixed up some nice sides to go with what was left of the pork.
@Blondie2222 (22994)
• United States
13 Mar 13
I agree 2 pork chops is not enough for dinner especially for 2 people. When my boyfriend and I cook together we cook big meals for the 2 of us because we know we both always have second helpings. So he shouldn't have gotten mad about you cooking. So I say don't worry about cooking tomorrow if he's hungry he can cook his own food and eat it by himself.
@marguicha (108944)
• Chile
13 Mar 13
I don`t think there should be such a problem with two different meals. If you are hungry you eat both, if you aren`t, you don`t. Today that same thing happened to me. I got out the calamari and the rest of the seafood for seafood risotto but then I had to go to the Bank. I didn`t know how long I would be there so I bought some chicken thighs to make a pot of chicken on vinegar. I had to make the risotto too because I couldn`t freeze again the seafood. Now I have some chicken leftovers and tomorrow I`ll reheat therisotto (no problem with reheating that). And I`ll be able to do other things in my morning.
@jerzgirl (8058)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
13 Mar 13
You don't say if you're leaving for the entire day or just around dinner, but if you have extra meat from tonight's meal (pork and chicken), then leave it for him to re-heat and eat. If, as he says, there's plenty and your chicken made even more, then let him enjoy the fruits of both of your labors while you are away wherever that might be.