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@Fishmomma (11451)
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March 20, 2013 9:28pm CST
I watch several movies every week. There was one this week that I think anyone that watches will need a tissue or several, as its so sad and made me angry to see how these young people were abused by their classmates. The movie is Bully. We see many students bullied in school and several so badly that I want to know why other students didn't step forward to get a teacher or somebody to help. I couldn't believe the bus driver that just kept driving while a child was being hit by several people on the bus. I would have taken action if this happened in a school I have teaching or being an aide in and felt its sad to see how the parents reacted learning the truth about the district their child attended school. I wouldn't have allowed my child to attend school where it clearly wasn't safe. We know several of the children couldn't take it anymore and their parents were surprised that their child didn't want to live. Parents need to learn what goes on at school and be involved in their child's life. I know its hard to make ends meet, but we all need to find a way to be there whether its working a different shift than your spouse, help from other relatives or your neighbors. I felt so helpless watching the movie knowing that I couldn't take any action against the school board or the bullies. Have you watched the movie yet?
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