Traveling to Tidung Island!

@redtesha (332)
March 28, 2013 2:24am CST
Hi friends, Sorry I'm so long not log in here, too busy to traveling .. Anyway, I wanna to share about Tidung Island. I've back from Tidung yesterday. I have been go to Tidung before but because I love traveling, I'm back to Tidung for the THIRD times! lol! Well, here's my information for Tidung Island. If there's some my friends wanna asking me about Tidung, just read this, okay. But for more information you can ask me via inbox .. I think this is a good place for Indonesian tourist but for abroad tourist is welcome :) Transportation to Tidung You can use KM Kerapu Ship or Speedboat. Of course the price is so much different. KM Kerapu Ship is cheaper than Speedboat. You will spend Rp 33.000 ($4) to using Kerapu Ship and you need Rp 100.000 ($ 10) for using Speedboat. If you choosing using Kerapu Ship, you will spend 2 hours but speedboat only need 1 hour to destination. That's your option, what do you want, faster or cheaper. I've already using both. For quality I choose Speedboat but if I've limited budget and wanna looking sea view, I choose Kerapu Ship. Homestay Tidung doesn't have hotel like another island. They only serve homestay. The homestay is not bad either, they have a refrigerator, television, bathroom inside and air conditioner for every single bed room. The price is depending how many people inside and what facilities you will use. For average, the price is Rp 300.000 - Rp 400.000($30 - $ 40) per night. Some homestay rent bicycle for traveling around the island and that's cheaper, only Rp 10.000 ($ 1) per bicycle. Excursions There's Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge)for every couple and you can jumping together, and there's so romantic for honeymoon. There's Pulau Tidung Kecil(Small Tidung Island) and Pulau Beras. You can snorkeling and feed all fish with your bread. Culinary The best food is grilled fish. They serve a lot of seafood, fresh and cheap. You will difficult to find it in Jakarta, with same price, same quality and quantity. The best beverage is coconut water. It's so healthy and delicious in beach. Souvenir For souvenir, you can buy Tidung T-shirt and a lot crafts made of shells. That's cheap and so beautiful. You can display your souvenir or give to someone .. I think that's all information about Tidung I know .. There's more information you wanna to telling me? I'll give more information about Tidung if I back to Tidung for 4th times, lol .. So, next time I'll sharing information about another place .. see you :)
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