Dumping pets

April 5, 2013 6:32pm CST
Someone I know has 3 cats. They are just about a year old and the owner has been trying to rehome them almost since she got them. At first it was she had a new baby (she got them while pregnant) and no longer had the time for them. Then it was they are too much trouble to take care of. Now she says she is moving house and the landlord says no pets, so if they aren't rehomed before she moves, she will just dump them. Why on earth did this woman get cats if she didn't really want them? I am calling all the rescue centres and asking my friends, but nobody wants to take them. I think she only told me because she knows if it comes to it, I will take them in.
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@sid556 (31002)
• United States
6 Apr 13
Tell her that if she doesn't find homes for them that you are reporting her and make her at least think that you won't or can't take them in. Who needs 3 extra cats?
7 Apr 13
I certainly don't need 3 extra cats, but if she is really going to dump them when she moves, I'll take them. I will also disown her, because I couldn't be friends with someone who would abandon animals so callously.
• United States
10 Apr 13
You know the old saying - with friends like that, who needs enemies? - fits her! That is not a friend - friends are caring people.l She didn't care about those cats! A pet is a family member - would you dump your kids just because they were difficult to care for? No. You would do whatever it takes for your kids - and I did - and I do the same for my two rescue cats. Bet she never got those cats fixed, either?
@jugsjugs (13044)
27 Nov 16
I could not be friends with a person like that. I have 6 cats and they were no problem at all when i had my children, so having a baby is no excuse to get them dumped. It upsets me, as there are lots of people dumping their pets or refussing to look after the pets that they have and then they go and get pets a few months later.
• China
6 Apr 13
She shouldn't have got them.She knew well she would give birth to kid and have no time to take care of them.It was tough on the cats because she got them on impulse.
@jadoixa (1171)
• Philippines
6 Apr 13
having pets around is also like having children to care and take responsibility with. maybe she likes and wants pets before she got pregnant, sometimes people get pets to care for them like a baby but also others forget about them are not as much interested especially when they have children of their own. poor cats too if she will just leave and dump them anywhere. just try more, i'm sure there are pet centers out there to leave these cats or others who love cats to have them as pets.
@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
6 Apr 13
I'm very sad, and disheartened to read this. I am sure she wants you to take them, as you suspsect. I have a webpage that has a search engine on it for no kill cat shelters in America, in case you need it. Very sad business. http://www.cowcats.com/no-kill-shelters
• Lenox, Georgia
6 Apr 13
That is wrong in so many ways! She should NOT have gotten them if she didn't really want them in the first place. When my husband and I moved, we made sure they would accept our dog because she is part of our family! We would not move anywhere without her! I just don't understand people. They are so willing to get rid of their pets, I could not do that. I have gotten rid of one pet because she bit my daughter in the face, even that was hard! I was definitely finding her a new home with NO children but I loved her and got attached to her so it was still hard for me... And I have a dog now that really should be re-homed because she is aggressive toward my other dog and the kids could get in the mix, which I hope doesn't happen but I am finding it hard to let her go too. If she EVER comes close to biting my kids she will be going to another home but it's not easy for me...
5 Apr 13
Dumping pets happens a lot where I live. I live in a rural area so there are lots of farmers. Luckily most farmers will care for the animals they come accross. But they don't see all of the animals dumped. Don't people realize that their pets could meet great harm when dumped?
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
5 Apr 13
don't get me started... If she gave a damn about her cats, she would move somewhere where she could have cats. Unless she is totally destitute, and can't afford to, that is just no excuse.