If you were kicked out who would you go to?

United States
April 19, 2013 1:18am CST
Right now if I were to be kicked out of my house. I would go to my mom's and stay with her for a few days. then I would go to the shelter till I could get some help for myself. I don't ever want to have to go through that ever again. the shelter I was in was the best place in the world for me. But,they lost money and closed down. what is left is pure drug heaven.
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
24 Apr 13
If I got kicked out, I would go to my cousin brother’s place. He has always been helpful to me and I a sure that he will not hesitate to give me shelter for a few months. All the same, being kicked out is a terrible thing. Even if we could go to some helpful person, it is not nice to depend on others. I prefer to be independent. Depending on anybody is certainly not for me.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
21 Apr 13
there is no reason for me to be kicked out. But should that happen I would just get another place.
@lelin1123 (15645)
• Puerto Rico
19 Apr 13
Well I can't be kicked out of my home but lets say for argument sakes something happened that I was kicked out I would go stay with my parents in Florida for a month or so. They would be so happy if I were living with them. Then I would fly to New Mexico where my youngest daughter would gladly take me in. She would be so happy for me to be there to help her with her two daughters, my precious grandkids. She would end up with a built in babysitter.
• United States
19 Apr 13
Tenants have rights. You could not simply be "kicked out," as you put it, randomly and on short notice. We have a contract with our landlord. In our case, they are required to give us a certain amount of notice should they wish to terminate our lease. If we wish to terminate our lease prior to the end of its one-year term, we must give the same amount of notice.
• Jacksonville, Florida
19 Apr 13
If I got kicked out I know my parents would take us in. I would hate every single second of being there because they are hateful when you live in their house but I would deal with it until we got back on our feet again...
@velvet53 (16987)
• Palisade, Colorado
19 Apr 13
I would probably just get me another place if I had the money. If not I would go to my sons place until I did get the money. There are other places I could go if I had to but I never see that happening.
@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
19 Apr 13
I have 2 kids not far from me so I hope one of them would take me in. I have lived in a shelter before and if you go to them they usually help you get a permanent place to live....so maybe I would do that instead of go to one of my kids.