Do you give as good as you get?

United States
April 19, 2013 3:19am CST
In your relationship do you think you give as good as you get? I know I do because I do my best all the time. the only thing I am not good with and he understand is cooking. he is a much better cook then I am. I cook what he likes and that is it.. I like stuff I can't cook like collard greens. he makes them so good and loves to make them for holiday seasons.
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
24 Apr 13
Yes, I have always given as much as I got,although I must admit I never got much in the first place. Yet,I have given as much as possible. Some people do not give because they cannot. Giving is not in their nature. They like to take. Taking is far easier than giving. Yet we have to see that we learn to give as well as to take. Giving and taking are rather like two sides of the same coin.
• Jacksonville, Florida
19 Apr 13
I think I give more than I get. Not patting myself on the back at all. I am just a giver, always have been. I put my best effort into everything I do and every relationship I have in my life. Most of the time others do not do the same. My husbands not a bad guy for it or anything, I just put too much effort into things sometimes...
• United States
19 Apr 13
I like to cook. Anything I want to eat I will learn how to cook it if I don't already know how. I am fairly talented with cooking. I can sew pretty well too. I can crochet a few different patterns. That's about where my talent ends. Oh yes, and I can write well enough to help supplement my SSDI.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
19 Apr 13
Well i am glad to hear that u also contribute as much as you can so that u can keep alive the spirit of relationship and that matters the most, we can never be ideal and hence our motive should always be to give our best efforts and keep our partner happy with our behavior and love.