"Make it a passing grade."

May 31, 2013 6:24am CST
I have just released the grades for the summer term. Couple of students approached me to inquire of their grades and it was always okay for me to show them how it was computed and what composed their final grades. As if I haven't given them a detailed breakdown on my outline. Then just this morning, a student, as if she haven't seen her grade yet, approached me. Asked me what her grade was, so I told her she can access the grade through her online account. But she asked if she could view it in my computer since she's already there. So I obliged. Then she saw her great failing grade. Her next line appalled me. "Make it a passing grade, sir please?" As if I hold a wand in my hand to swoosh off her grade and poof! It's a passing mark. But no, it's not that easy. And it would reflect my performance evaluation. I almost lost my temper, but I chose to patiently explain to her why it's not possible. She argued some lame reasons, but I stiffened and told her a conclusive "There's nothing I can do about it." I hope no more student would appear and ask the same thing. If you're a teacher, what would you do in such an instance?
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1 Jun 13
I was generally a good student......honors list most of the time....except in chemistry class. that class aggravated me so much. but he, like you, gave us a detailed breakdown from the outset of the class as to how our grades would be figured. (it was all based on quiz scores and tests scores, and we had to keep track and check in every two weeks to make sure out numbers match his..so we ALWAYS knew where we stood)...i had a tough time with that class and according to my calculations should have failed....but when final grades came out i passed...i never asked him (as your student did) to alter my grades....but i think the fact that i went in many times for extra help and did extra work (which was to be for no credit) just to get criticism as to what i was not understanding cause him to "fudge" my grade a bit. i was not expecting anything other than a failing grade on my final report...when i saw it i was amazed...