Black cats and pentagram signs

@CatGods (4596)
United States
August 16, 2013 10:44am CST
Do you still believe that black cats ore bad luck or demons? Or that pentagrams are the symbolds of witches? Centuries ago the christian church tried to convince every one that the above was true. I would hope that in todays society, people would have more common sense not to believe in such church foolishness.
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3 responses
@JM2084 (1)
• New Bremen, Ohio
8 Sep 14
actually, in some countries a black cat is a symbol of good luck and a white is a bad luck.
• Romania
26 Aug 13
Today you can find numerous people who declare themselves witches. I refer to wiccans, who worship a god and a godess. The pentagram is the most prominently used symbol of Wicca, and it symbolizes the five elements: air, fire, water and earth, plus aether (or spirit), which unites the other four. I don't think that black cats are bad luck or demons, but someone else may think otherwise. It depends on how superstitious you are.
• Bucharest, Romania
17 Aug 13
I don't think that with so much information around us people have excuses to believe in such unfounded things. Black cats are beautiful pets and I would wear pentagrams on my clothes or as jewelry without having any fear that some kind of devil will hurt me or people might mistreat me.