STP on L2/L3 switches

San Jose, California
August 21, 2013 9:49pm CST
Question: Can someone Cisco 3945 price Cisco 3945 price advise me if i can setup STP on a 3560X switch working as L2/L3 same time? There are VLANs configured on the ports and the switch is using EIGRP for routing. Answer: you can and you should use an STP flavor on your multilayer switch, because STP manages link redundancy at OSI layer 2, it does a different job that it is not performed by an IP routing protocol like EIGRP. To make an example it is STP and its safety measures like Bpduguard that allows to avoid to melt down the network if by user error two switch ports are connected together. PVST+ should be enough, configure your switch to be the primary root bridge for all Vlans, and use Bpduguard on all user facing ports. Cisco 3925E Cisco 3925E
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