A valuable woman......

Beijing, China
January 14, 2014 3:48am CST
My goal clearer at the moment! I want to rapid growth, because a woman. Her life too hard, and her hand injury loss of consciousness, and will face surgery. Hope everything goes well with this woman,I'm lucky to meet such a great woman and my whole life for her best efforts to create the life she wants
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@mythociate (15761)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4 Feb 14
Are we talking about your mother? That's how we should ALL think of our 'guiding parents,' whether they're hospitalized or no (the 'guiding parent' is ideally the father if of a man, the mother if of a woman ... making the other parent the 'supporting parent.' (And no person should be BOTH; in single-parent households, you should find a father- or mother-figure in the world if you don't have one at home.) I think my 'Earth'-father was a bad example: just working so that he could survive comfortably. (And I can't remember if we ever hugged or even shook hands between now & the time he had tackled me & was choking me in a fit of rage which only happened once (that I can remember )) I haven't really looked for another father-figure on Earth---partly because I've been 'lost' in the mythos of having God for a Father (more on that below), but also because I'm too 'different' for possible father-figures to instruct me in taking-on my part of The Mission (or because--like my Earth-father had been--I'm too self-involved to see what my part in The Mission is.) It's good that your mother is an inspiration to you (as I'm sure mine is to me ... tho she rightfully has focused on the supporting role, while also supporting my sister, my brothers & my nieces). My father 'left' (and wasn't right with us anyway) while I was at a 'crucial-point' on my path. True, every step on my path is 'crucial'; but he left when he COULD'VE led me to a higher point in The Mission. And yes, I'll get to 'that point' anyway; but the 'team' that joins me once I get there will have less time to build the power we'll need to face the oncoming storm.
@caoliguo (16)
• Beijing, China
16 Jan 14
you r great
@cupkitties (7372)
• United States
16 Jan 14
Good luck. I hope she gets better