Naya Rivera with a black Kelly tote walking on NY street.from

Singapore, Singapore
February 27, 2014 2:27am CST
Here is Glee star Naya Rivera outside Soho with a sleek, black Kelly tote. Once more, that is certainly Naya Rivera, not Kim Kardashian, but the resemblance the following is startling. In case you said she and Kim K shared a colorist as well as a makeup artist, I needed absolutely believe you. Naya is in town for fashion week, natch, and he or she attended the Michael Kors visible on Wednesday. Only select Hermes affordable handbags are offered online, not to mention, the Kelly is not one, nevertheless, you can find one at any Hermes kelly boutique. All creepy Kardashian vibes aside, I do not love this check Naya - I feel all of the volume here really drowns her small frame. It is deemed an outfit I had supposed to see on the chic senior fashion bag editor darting around NYFW, but never Naya Rivera. Naya is notorious for showing skin, to see so little from it this is somewhat disorienting, frankly, even during the dead of winter. Personally i think like I have been previously complaining about seasonally under-dressed celebs for weeks now, but now I'm guessing all back. If Naya Rivera cannot rock designer sandals and a bare midriff in mid-February, then no one can!
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