Domestic rolling mill bearing manufacturing technology

Nanjing, China
March 12, 2014 10:16pm CST
Rolling mill bearing, it is used in metallurgy, mining and other mill housing of the roll neck, the roller bearings. Usually adopts the cylindrical roller bearing radial load, deep groove ball bearing and angular contact ball bearing, or radial or thrust tapered roller bearing axial load. The oil film bearing in rolling mill technology, is a system engineering, at the same time, is also a more comprehensive engineering technology in the field of disciplines, its development speed and supporting ability, which is formed by the from one side to reflect the level of China's industrial development speed and are reaching. The early 50 s, our country only reversible rolling mill is equipped with the oil film bearing abrasion. It is fully carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Soviet unions. Traditional process, the rolling pressure, rolling speed is low, the lubrication system is simple, the operation technology level is relatively low. But in actual operation, the management and operation of technical personnel and workers are very serious, in strict accordance with the procedures, the use and maintenance experience. But due to the lack of an understanding of the working principle of the bearing, some less reasonable almost two procedures have been followed a s, for example, bearing components, to be 35 n/cm2 suppression test, if the oil spill, namely tighten rotary sealing, until don't leak. But, after such a pressure adjustment, the effect is not good to use, and the life of the seal is short. This seal is "J" type with skeleton seal, relies on the lip seal, pressure test after tighten, is no longer a lip seal, it is a cling to strip on the surface of the rotary seal. Early '60 s equipment by China oil film bearing in rolling mill put into operation, with a 4200 mm plate mill of wuyang iron and steel company rolling oil film bearing, phi phi 1300 mm to 300 mm breast roll oil film bearing and benxi iron and steel company for HSM machine backup roll phi 1700 mm 1700 mm of oil film bearing as a representative of a batch of new bearing in operation, the former is single stand mill, the latter is more rack tandem mill. Several more of the frame of the oil film bearing in rolling mill put into operation, In management, have a professional team of technical personnel and skilled workers, have special work place, workshop closed oil film bearing, oil film bearing lubrication and maintenance personnel have clear responsibilities and operational procedures, division of labor is increasingly sophisticated, more scientific, standardized management. Due to the improvement of bearing structure and lubrication system update, the bearing installation and maintenance operations on lubrication system, has made great progress than the 50 s, together with the successful use of the oil film bearing, are a step closer to the standards of operation technology to modern. 70 s ~ 80 s, in our country have been introduced complete sets of wuhan iron and steel company's 1700 mm hot sheet, cold rolling mill and Shanghai baoshan iron and steel factory of 2050 mm and 2030 mm hot sheet, cold tandem mill at the same time, with complete sets of the introduction of the ilse MORGOIL bearing and Mr Michael stark (MESTA) bearing, the main operating personnel, including technical personnel and skilled workers are carried on the job training, and after the equipment production, and ensure the continuous and safe operation of bearing, the marks of the oil film bearing in rolling mill operation technology in China, is close to the level of the world. Were introduced into the 90 s, and complete sets of rolling mill and the oil film bearing in rolling mill - mainly the il bearing, and more about when buying second-hand equipment of steel rolling, and into the oil film bearing, the main type is also the dog il bearings. Such, in some of the major types of rolling mill, such as wire mill, single stand reversible rolling mill, and tandem mill, rolling mill and bar mill is equipped with oil film bearing; Says from the bearing type, with the Soviet union type liquid friction bearing, China TZ oil film bearing, oil film bearing in American Michael stark and amraphel, oil film bearing, can be in today's world has (including lubrication system) of the oil film bearing in rolling mill the widest variety of countries. According to incomplete statistics, at present our country has a big iron and steel company (factory), nearly 200 rolling mill is equipped with the oil film bearing, the number can't believe it. This kind of situation, enough to run shows that the oil film bearing in rolling mill technology has been widely spread in China, and has reached a new level in the world today.
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