Modern and Comprehensive Hair Loss Evaluation and Replacement

Hair transplant Procedures
California City, California
April 17, 2014 2:35am CST
FUE follicular unit extraction Any hair transplantation should always begin with a modern and comprehensive assessment of available hair, existing hair density and area to be covered. At MyHairTransplantMD our assessment is always based on long term patient goals and for this purpose, our procedures are optimized to achieve maximum impact at minimal costs. Statistically, unless our patient is young and hair transplant is required to cover a shaved area (especially after a surgery), most patients usually require more than one sitting to achieve the desired results. Despite this, our methodology and planning results in considerable savings for our patients making us one of the most affordable hair transplant clinics in the U.S.A. Available hair zones are precisely mapped and our procedure ensures maximum impact because we make use of as many hair zones as possible. This gives us access to more donor hair and therefore, the end result is far more pleasing than results achieved by rival hair transplant clinics. Further, by adopting the natural style and mimicking the natural hair growth method, we give you a more natural looking hair density. This is in direct contrast with rival hair transplant clinics that simply aim for maximum coverage. Never mind that the end result can often look nasty. In fact, at MyHairTransplantMD we have a policy of involving the patient in all pre-procedure planning. We create a before and after image so our patient knows how he or she will probably look like when the entire procedure is completed. Our low level laser light therapy California grafts are always 100% natural No cookie cutter procedure! Apart from careful planning, MyHairTransplantMD focuses on how your hair grows and mimics your individual hair style. This results in a more natural look. In fact, unless you let out the secret yourself, no one need know you had a hair transplantation procedure. Also, MyHairTransplantMD does not use the graft splitting technique followed by rival hair transplantation clinics. The graft splitting technique results in a thin "see-thru" look and may result in little or no growth. We are sure that is not what our patients intended or pay for. Our pinpoint hair transplantation technique achieves permanent and natural hair. We use high magnification to isolate and select naturally occurring follicular clusters resulting in the most efficient Best Eyebrow Hair Transplant and natural looking hair. Our comprehensive hair loss evaluation takes into account your family hair loss history, your own hair loss history, dry measurements of thinning and bald areas, wet measurements of the thinning and bald areas, donor area density and measurement, your own personal desires about how you want to look, future hairline recreation drawing and photo history of the above finding. Precise measurements enable us to know what is and what is not possible. In fact, it also enables us to precisely measure your hair restoration goals. We are so confident of the results that this information is provided in writing and becomes a permanent part of your medical file. So don't wait, call us today at 800.262.2017 and schedule an evaluation. Visit here for more information :
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