3 Add-On Projects to Consider for Your Home

Enid, Oklahoma
July 10, 2014 10:04am CST
Here are three add-on projects to a home that must be considered for a homeowner’s comfort, convenience, pride and satisfaction. They also are three most highly appealing projects for the homeowner contemplating a sale, and for prospective buyers looking for a dwelling place that most fits their level of satisfaction without having to make immediate improvements. Adding a new patio or deck. This can increase the square footage of a property. Adding some creative lighting and/or a unique rock garden or a mix of perennial foliage can give that exterior area of a property an entirely new personality. Decks will be more expensive than patios simply because of their size and the composite materials for each. One will be on a more grandiose scale than the other, but both have the ability to create an impressive exterior renewal. Adding custom closet systems. Who doesn’t want dream closets? Some closets can be so well planned that there really isn’t a need for a dresser or chest, and what that does to spacial planning in a bedroom is provide a breadth of space that gives the feeling of openness. That extra room can be used for a creative computer work area, keeping that exercise equipment nearby, or built-in bookshelves, as well. Replacing old windows or simply installing a skylight in a favorite (or problem) room. They can be noisy, leaky, ill-fitting, not providing seasonal comfort. Whatever the reason, new windows give an overall manicured appearance to a property’s interior and exterior. Do-it-yourself installations are quite popular and, of course, much less expensive. Skylight exposure is not a customary feature in a private dwelling and the expanse of natural light in addition to its shape or design makes any room, including the most unpopular one in the house, come to life. All three of these add-on projects will increase property value and make a property quite sought after because they are “main ingredients” that give that extra touch to the look, feel and usefulness of a property. They are essentials in increasing property value, and they add significant appeal to the goal of a prospective buyer to make a wise and sound investment. For your add-on projects, you’ll want to make sure you have the right materials and designs. Timberlake Truss Works assists people who are looking to add on to their home with great truss manufacturing and design in Oklahoma.
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