August 14, 2014 2:49pm CST
So, anyway, I play roblox. I love that game, but now, I quit. Wanna know why?? MY BEST FRIEND HAS AN ALL NEW MAYBE EVEN BETTER BEST FRIEND. So, Me and her (my ex-bff) Met Eeachother in about January. We became good friends, and grown to be Bffs. She had another friend, that she would hang out with ALOT.I sometimes was Jealous, but she ALWAYS told me that I was her bff. Me and my ex-best friend Were close. REALLY close. We told eachother secrets, we texted, and we liked the same things. My ex bff's account got hacked on roblox, and I tried to helped her get it back. . She said to me once day "Hey, im not gonna be online for a while, im gonna try and get my account back, so i said Okay. Later, she gets it back, and what does her description say? "MY BEST OF ALL FRIEND IS _________, i got so pissed. the person that she wrote as her bff wasthe one i was talking about earlier THE ONE THAT I GO JEALOUS OF. SO I GOT PISSED AND QUIT. I WAS THE ONE WHO ENCOURAGED HER TO GET HER ACCOUNT BACK I WAS THE ONE WHO HELPED HER WITH HER "SCHOOL PROBLEMS" AND WHAT DOES SHE GO ON AND DO? FIND A NEW BEST FRIEND! So.. as you know, I quit..as i mentioned earlier, and I bet she doesn't even care. How do i know she doesn't care? ONCE I QUIT FOR A WHILE BECAUSE I NEEDED TO DO SCHOOL STUFF, AND BEFORE I QUIT SHE WAS LIKE "I'm gonna miss u". So then, later, I come back, and what do i see her doing? TALKING TO THE GIRL I GO JEALOUS OF AND HAVING A BLAST. SHE SEEMS TO HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITHOUT ME. I go up to her and i'm like "Hey" :D and she's like "hi.." I try to tell her something, but she's COMPLETELY ignoring me. Im like "er..El- And she's like "one min, one min" TALKING ABOUT APPARENTLY 5SOS WITH HER NEW BFF. (That was the last time i quit) Im so pissed...What should I do? Shall I come back to roblox? Help...
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@madiXW88 (18)
• Sri Lanka
15 Aug 14
hi there, hey ,above all what I have to say is DON'T WORRY, THINGS AREN'T WORST YET , YOU STILL HAVE A HOPE, u konw what.......... life is not always what we wish it to be........hmm Im bit older than u [as I guess] so when i first glnce your text i just thought this is nothing compared to what what i have experienced so far....... but then again I am very well aware that ,,,,,, no matter what your problem is and how hard it is to move on when your fleelings got hurt because of someone you really care, believe me........ I graduated recently n during my uni days I too had number of unpleasent incidents with my close friends which I never expected and I felt really bad. Well dear, in your situation, [ i must say that im not really into online games n i've got very little konwledge about that] I know the story from your side but no idea what your friend is thinking, so she may have her own reasons but without she telling it how can u figure it out,, isnt it? But you have to admit that you can't have someone who doesn't like you [ if u not want to believe that u can give a another try] you mentioned that you were too close, who knows may be she felt burned by being too close and needed some time and space?? [we can't read others minds,,] And if u really care for her if she is happy with her other friend you have to be happy too without being jealous, so next time you meeting her let her feel that you aren't mad about that. But my suggestion is TIME IS THE BEST MEDICINE....... give her some time away from you, may be she will come back to you or may be not, but don't let it fall u down, Give new hope to your life and show her you can move on without her, and don't quit playing if u really like the game and find someone new and nice. You still have plenty of life ahead of you, to do so many fun things and to enjoy , dont waste your time to get mad about matters you can't control anymore.its only make you worse. And Im so sure that many wonderful days are yet to come into your life............. Be happy, Cheer up, GOOD LUCK
15 Aug 14
Thanks Madi :)
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