A387CL1/CL2 steel supplier

Zhengzhou, China
August 19, 2014 8:00pm CST
We offer ASTM A387CL1, A387CL2 Cr., Mo.,Cr-Mo steels used for high temperature and pressure vessels: 1. A387CL1/CL2 Chemical composition: C:0.05-0.21 Si:0.15-0.4 Mn:0.55-0.8 S :=0.035 P :=0.035 Cr:0.5-0.8 Mo:0.45- 0.6 2.A387CL1/CL2 Mechanical properties: A387CL1: Tensile Strength sb(MPa) : 380-550 Yield Strength s0.2 : =228 Elongation d5(%) : =22 A387CL2: Tensile Strength sb(MPa) : 485-620 Yield Strength s0.2 : =310 Elongation d5(%) : =22 3.ASTM A387CL1/A387CL2 steel grade is a kind of steel which with Cr., Mo.,Cr-Mo which is mainly used for high temperature and pressure vessels.The steel grade A387CL1/A387CL2 is according to ASTM standard. 4.Delivery date: generally30-40days(Our delivery date will be must faster according to your inquirement) 5.Payment form: T/T, L/C 6.Trading term: FOB, CIF, CFR If you have any problem, please be free to contact us: Tel:0086-371-86151827 Fax:0086-371-86011881 bb@bebonchina.com http://www.bebonchina.com http://www.shipbuilding-steel.com http://www.steel-plate-sheet.com
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