To Block or Not to Block? What Is myLot Here For? (i.e. Why Do You Use myLot, & Is That Why Everyone Should?)

@mythociate (15761)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 5, 2014 9:41am CST
My myLot-Homepage today told me that Renthuron was following me. I went to er homepage & (as you might suspect) their entries revealed the profile to be more-aptly named "Rent Huron," trying to get visitors to examine advertisements for land in Huron (rather than -to engage in discussions on the opinions of some guy named 'Ren Thuron' or something). Is that what most folks are online for these days? To get people to buy whatever they're selling? I know 'that' is (in one way or another) most people's reason for "doing anything with anyone," but I would LIKE to think of 'the Internet' (or at least 'myLot') as a bit of an escape from that ... sort of like the 'party' Samantha Bee was attending on last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (the 'idea' party, which no one else was attending because they had all switched-over to the 'money'-party who had just 'land-slided' (land-slid?) the mid-term elections that day ) Personally, I'm on myLot to express myself (in a medium to which I expect a possibly-confrontational/possibly-correcting/'only slightly-possibly'-agreeing response). And I'm asking myself whether I should re-follow RentHuron (in hopes that it will become more-&-more the RenThuron we're all hoping-for ) or I should BLOCK RentHuron? While you might also answer that, I want to ask What are you on myLot for (and what do you think we ALL should be here for)?
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@Bluedoll (17054)
• Canada
6 Nov 14
These are my personal view/opinion to the questions. To Block or Not to Block? - If there is something we find not agreeable why not block, this could include anything from offensive to it gives us the "ebee - creepee's" feeling What Is myLot Here For? - It is here for my enjoyment and for my information as much or as little as I want. Sometimes I see something interesting like looking through a window or opening a new door. Exploring can make me think of something for example Why Do You Use myLot? - For the same reason as above and I have a "history" here. The site treated me well in the past. Is That Why Everyone Should? - It is for anyone that wishes to use it for what ever reason they like. I agree, with what your article expressed. Bob is a life insurance salesman, Mary does Mary Kay and Charlie makes lawn furniture in his spare time but doesn't own a lawn. Commercialism sometimes seems like it is everywhere. Should you BLOCK RentHuron? - You can if you like. It doesn't bother me some guy in Wales is renting cottages in my back yard. See you on the lake bud! What should people be here for? - If people can use the site in a manner that suits them I say do so with joy. I like using mylot and also write on bubblews dot com with the same name bluedoll. It is not a secret. I understand what you mean and it has me thinking about things like following lists. Have a nice day... good article by the way.
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@mythociate (15761)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7 Nov 14
Thank you ("It is an honor to serve." the title-character of BICENTENNIAL MAN, played by Robin Williams---about whose recent passing-away I just saw a YouTube-series) I guess that reveals one of the 'worldly' reasons Christ Jesus told us to 'love thy neighbor as we love ourselves'---because--if your neighbor is an annoyance (just like if we ourselves were annoying to others)--re'll 'grow tired of you & annoy someone else' if you just won't be affected & won't provide anything.