Dealing with the only child syndrome

Ujjain, India
December 10, 2014 6:24am CST
There are a lot of reasons due to which the people these days prefer only to have a single child. The more important of these two reasons leading to this type of family planning include financial conditions and medical conditions. Apart from this, people prefer to keep their lifestyle these days and therefore this is another reason that lets the couple have only one child. Some women do not prefer to conceive for the second time because they feel that their career gets hindered due to this. Whatever may be the reason; people making such decisions often suffer from something known as the only child syndrome. These parents need to understand that having only one child is totally your choice. Whatever may be the reasons; there is absolutely no one who can blame you for this. Feeling guilty should not be an option for such parents. It is important to make yourself understand that you haven’t committed any crime by having only one child. In spite of all this, if you are dealing with any kind of problem in context to this, start counseling yourself. Focus on your life and your child’s life. Instead of holding yourself at fault, these parents should prove all the myth related to having only one child wrong and baseless. With the help of parent’s undivided attention, care, love and financial support, it has been seen that these kids stand tall and apart from all the peers in the picture. Many kids, who have siblings, suffer from the problem of comparison. Two siblings are often compared with each others in terms of everything. This will not happen with a child who has no siblings. So these are some things that you should feel proud of instead of suffering from the only child syndrome. If you are suffering from only child syndrome, you would have asked questions like will my child have adjustment related problems, will the child be self centered and self obsessed, etc to yourself. Since this topic is of concern for various people, a lot of research has been done over this. When you try to find out the answers to these and several related questions, you will come to know that there are a lot of other parents suffering from the same problem. However, this really isn’t a problem. It is just a misconception and a wrong thought process. There are a lot of websites and groups that will provide you a helping hand. There are a lot of books as well that you can take help from in order to deal with your set of problems. With the help of all this and self helping, you will be able to solve your problems in a better way. visit us
Parenting an only child can be a challenging task. Being familiar with the only child personality traits & syndrome can support you to raise your kid better.
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