the basic steps in making love with your girle ,to be happy ,and make her happy

September 6, 2006 12:28am CST
making love with your girle is not only the you will but your ,,, in her ,,, no no the very hot and beauty steps in making love is : 1-the first thing is say to her the lovely words and tell her about the good moment at your life with her ,and it will be perficte if you begining with dancing 2-befor you will take off her clothes and you ,begining to tought her with a very romantic tought in all her body but don't tought the hot 2 places 3-after you will arrive to take off her clothes you must do that but take off her colthes slowelly to give her the chance to take off your clothes 3-begining with the very hot frenh kisses (eat her libs)and keep tought her body but not in the 2 hot places 4-begining to kiss the area arroung her prrised but in the first don't tought the brown point ,kiss it after a while . 5-after that the thing who make all the woman die and all of them love it to kiss there possy in a romantic and slow way untill she wil begining to be soo hot 6- after that you will make love with her ,and you will see that you and her will got the very very hot condition in the same time , try this way and you will enjoy your time ,and join me
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