Is feminism sexist??

Kolkata, India
April 1, 2015 1:45pm CST
He was sitting there reflecting what exactly went wrong when he felt a hand on his shoulder ...breaking his trance and bringing him back to reality.The heavy voice enquired about the CRIME which made him to land in this place to which he could only reply he tried to help..! How is that possible..!..yes it is though sadly..but a bitter truth. It was just a reflexive instinct..not on purpose..he was just trying to save the girl from falling and in all that confusion he might have touched the girl 'inappropriately'..but again it was not on purpose.But police wont listen to him . This is exactly what is wrong with feminism rather pseudo feminism if i may say so.Society has always been cruel to women and women do need to be empowered.But over correction is exactly what is not required.Women do need to understand that if they want this feminism thing to stay and stop it from failing again they need to act and act fast and stop feminism being morphed into 'women are better than men.'Feminism stands for equality and not for pulling the other gender down.Once this basic principle of feminism is understood by the 'fairer sex'(oops did i just sounded sexist) the women would be empowered in true sense.
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@cupkitties (7484)
• United States
1 Apr 15
Stories like this have absolutely nothing to do with feminism. Why do people keep insisting this? If ya'll would maybe go back and study your history a little, you would find that all these problems men face have existed long before feminism even came into play. It is laws that were made by men themselves that cause these problems. Not feminism. A lot of feminists are sexist definitely. Which makes no sense because why would you try and be equal to a group of people that you hate? Feminism itself wasn't intended to be like that.
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