How to see activity of other members and their earnings

Pune, India
August 1, 2015 9:48pm CST
Hi All, Is there a way, new members can see the activity of the existing members and then see their earnings to get the feel of the earning potential of spending tint in sharing information, knowledge on myLot ??
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• United States
2 Aug 15
While it might seem like a good idea for the earnings to be that transparent ... anybody can see anybody else's activity and what they earned for it ... I do not like that idea. First, it it nobody's business what I earn on here unless I choose to share that information nor is it my business what others earn on here (again, unless they choose to share that information with me). Second, I might not earn the same amount every day for similar activity, so someone else also might not earn the same as I do for similar activity, but it could start arguments and animosity on here if that information is made public, and that is totally the opposite of what this site is about.
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