I should try something new..

@sharon6345 (152603)
United States
August 7, 2015 10:16pm CST
There is something about these shows that I just adore. See I watch the same shows every night. King of queens and then frasier. when I want to see something different I will turn on netflix and watch a season of something in about a week. I just finished something about a american teenager. I just love these shows. I get on my man about his love of those boring shows he watches. The shows are in the heat of the night and the show with al bundy. Don't call him while they are on he might not answer. lol. do you find a oldie but goodie too good to miss as well? It use to be soaps for me but not any more.
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• Melbourne, Australia
8 Aug 15
It depends on the mood I am in as to what I watch. Most of the time I am on the computer and therefore the TV is really only on for company.
@sharon6345 (152603)
• United States
8 Aug 15
I am focused so hard online at times I can't tell what is on the tv. It's baby sitting me. lol