Seven Scenarios That Could End The World...!!

September 6, 2006 5:02am CST
#7: Death Of A Star: Gamma Ray Bursts, Black Holes Huge-ass things that WILL end us if they happen, but they're so rare that we don't really need to worry about them much. A gamma-ray burst could still happen at any time, though, we MIGHT see a black hole coming decades in advance. #6: Intelligent Machines Robots that are smarter than humans deciding they don't want us around anymore and decide to stab the crap out of us and/or just launch all our nukes at us. #5: Supervolcanoes Particularly, the one at Yellowstone. If it erupted, it would cover the whole of the United States in ash and would flood all our rivers. ANY supervolcano, however, would create problems for us, such as global nuclear winter. #4: Asteroids The classic extinction scenario, involving a massive asteroid that causes a global firestorm. Those who survive will inevitably starve/freeze in the post-apocolyptic world that ensues. #3: Nuclear War Involves us and Russia blowing each other away. Iran, north Korea, etc. are not the real threat here, it's still Russia that's the real danger, though they'll probably end up blowing us up by accident. #2: Plague Bird flu is mentioned here, but the real threat is a man-made virus that ravages the population of Earth, killing billions. #1: Climate Change Florida, New York, London, Shanghai, Bangladesh, all gone, according to Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, and a bunch of other guys. It's because we're heating up the Earth with carbon dioxide, and if we don't act now, it could be too late... Was featured on ABC news. So how do you guys feel about this.
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@Stiletto (4584)
25 Sep 06
Well apart from the Intelligent Machines one I think they are all feasible although you are really talking about the end of human life on earth I think. The planet would probably carry on regardless and then some other life form would come along to take our place. Of all your scenarios I think climate change the most likely to be our undoing. Not necessarily man-made. The earth's climate does change anyway over thousands of years but I agree we are certainly accelerating those changes with our actions.
@shounak (371)
• India
25 Sep 06
Scenarios That Could End The World : The Nuclear War, seems to be a very viable possibility, what with wars sparking up all over the world, we could as well end up nuking each other up......the end of the world !!