It bothers my nerves..

@sharon6345 (152859)
United States
August 19, 2015 12:24am CST
I don't understand how someone could wash the dishes and not the stove. Food splatters on the stove and it must be washed away. I feel terrible having to ever say to a grown person to please clean the stove. So,I just go and do it myself. Just like the counter,the dishes will be washed but everything that needs to be put away stays out. Blender,toaster and dishes in the drain. They just pile them higher and higher. I am done..
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@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
19 Aug 15
I remember seeing something on tv about something similar.. .A mother tried all ways to get help but one day she slept in..didn't make any meals..didn't change her clothes..let the sink just pile up..let the house go messy..and then at night packed a bag and walked out saying she was taking a let them fend for themselves while she stayed at a motel and relaxed by the pool.. I know this is a story on tv..but if you are some of these things and let your family fend for themselves and see just what you do for them..maybe, just maybe it might make them relaize how much they need you and care about you for once!