Does everyone deserves second chance?

August 24, 2015 8:16pm CST
Do you think everyone deserves second chance? or not? please give me example or illustration of giving a person a second chance or you can't. For example: For me, I can give me partner a second chance if he will cheat on me. If my love for him is more than his mistakes. Just he make sure that he will not do it again.
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@sofssu (14449)
25 Aug 15
I would think this way.. would I give myself a second chance if I did this.. I think most people deserve a second and a third chance.. but that would depend on the kind of mistakes they make and if I am willing to pay the cost..
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• United States
25 Aug 15
honestly sometimes people deserve a second chance, it all depends on who it is and how much you loved , like or care about them , if they can change , if it would make the difference, i can tell you my hubby has gotten 2nd chances even 3rd , fourths and more but im not saying giving that many chances is a good idea
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• Delhi, India
25 Aug 15
I don't think so everybody should be given another chance When you give someone you still don't know what he will do next , maybe he wants one more chance just to shatter you'd trust again and just to hurt you again . Only those should be given second chance on whom you have some trust
@LadyDuck (163607)
• Switzerland
25 Aug 15
Most of the time people deserve to have a second chance. There are things that I would not forgive, as an example, I would never give a second chance to a children abuser.
@lady1993 (18608)
• Philippines
25 Aug 15
I think so, since most people just commit mistakes out of fear or it is more likely that they will not do it again...well, except for that affair thing. Since i believe that once a cheater, always a cheater. But of course i would give the guy time to explain himself. but it really depends on the actual situation.