Just about all my exes cheated on me.

@sharon6345 (153082)
United States
August 30, 2015 6:28pm CST
Today,while at the bus stop I saw the sister of my first love. She spotted me andsaid,sharon is that you I said yes are you angie and she said yes. I talked to her for a while and it was nice. She told me that she always thought it would be me her brother married. She never new why I moved out and told no one I was leaving him. he went to the army my last year in highschool. I lived in his room while he was away. One day on valentines he called home to speak to me. He cried on the phone telling me how he loved and missed me. I was feeling the same. Soon,a package arrived and in it was a photo book that everyone passed around to see but,no one passed it to me. One night I was in the basement where his brother lived and saw the album and opened it up. In it were pictures of him and his new woman having th time of their lives. One picture was on valentines with her on his lap and she was holding balloons that said,I love you. I got up from there and packed my things. I left without a word from my mouth. Well,I told his sister today why I left and she told me she figured I found out what he was doing. I since saw him a few years ago. he is married and it's not a happy one. They won't divorce because,he has too much property in his name. Well,she said she will be telling him she saw me. Oh well.
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@jstory07 (73846)
• Roseburg, Oregon
31 Aug 15
What a jerk he was to not tell you.
@sharon6345 (153082)
• United States
31 Aug 15
He knows his wrong now and it's ok. I just feel like I will never find true love.