Happy Birthday GOOGLE!

@alberello75 (19479)
Genova, Italy
September 27, 2015 3:01am CST
Dear friends. Today, after turning on the computer, open Chrome, I find an unusual image inherent to the Google logo. So I decided to click, I know that sometimes we see some animation curious, inherent to a certain event. I am entering into a page where in fact were celebrating the birthday of Google. 17 years! However, the reason why today, 27 September, will be celebrated this event, remains to be discovered! In fact, the day of the launch of the search engine world's most used, was 15 September 1997. And here, another mistake, because, the years spent would be 18! Sometimes they want us to surprise, to good purpose, to bring us cheerfulness. But after all Google we all know, for what it is, and for the services that it offers. So, not important is the date: Happy Birthday GOOGLE! Image source: Pixabay.com
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