I don't want to go now...

@sharon6345 (143016)
United States
October 10, 2015 4:03pm CST
Today,I was waiting like a kid getting a new toy to go to the aquarium. during my wait at the mall my man called to ask me to go price a pair of work boots. I did and they were $45 and the teller was going to give me a 30% off coupon that expires today. I told him to come get the boots and he picked me up and said he did not have enough for the boots. He has to get gas and other stuff. Now,this man needs those boots bad. His feet get soaked in the ones I bought him last year. They have worn out on the bottoms. I can't imagine him taking me out knowing he needs those boots. I was told we are now going tomorrow. I know if I go I am going to end up buying him a pair of boots. That is not a big deal but,I would not pay $45 for those kind of boots. The ones he is wearing now,I paid over $100 for. I am so,ticked off right now because,the elevator is broken and I wanted to go to the bank and make a deposit in my savings account. I can't touch that money for a year so,all my extra cash I want there. It would help me stop shopping for stuff others might need. Oh,lord here we go again looking online for some work boots. I hate me sometimes.
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@jstory07 (71438)
• Roseburg, Oregon
11 Oct 15
I hope you do find a good price on those work boots.
@sharon6345 (143016)
• United States
11 Oct 15
They are not as cheap as I would like.