What is your favorite thing about the net ?

@EddieHands (37816)
United States
October 30, 2015 11:27pm CST
I think my fav thing about the net is being able to make money. I think the worst part is people know when you are online on some social media. And they just want to go on and on talking. And you have better things to do. I mean I love mylot, but other social media is just so much a waste of time. I rather just be able to go there say hi and leave. Well it's mostly with people who follow you around to much. Hard to explain but it's cool either way. Best part of the net I think is the money. Worst part I would say is just normal social media!
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@VivaLaDani13 (21556)
• Perth, Australia
29 Sep 16
@EddieHands I like how I've made really good friends. I don't have many friends offline and the ones I've made online are just wonderful. And yeah I like how I'm able to make some money online too.
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@Daljinder (22074)
• India
7 Oct 16
@VivaLaDani13 Hopefully yer not annoyed with me following you around coz I am totally doing that right this moment!
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• Perth, Australia
10 Oct 16
@Daljinder Absolutely not! Silly goose!
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• Lucknow, India
31 Oct 15
Best thing:- The independence to search from a huge bulk of data!! Everyone can search anything they like!!