My Hitherto Only Supernatural Experience

@MALUSE (34518)
November 3, 2015 11:31am CST
To be honest, I don't know if 'supernatural' is the correct term. Maybe 'inexplicable' is better. I'm going to tell you what happened and then you can decide. Maybe you can even explain what was happening and thusly demystify the occurrence. I'm a German teacher of English (now retired). From an early age on my pupils had to deliver speeches in front of the class in order to learn to speak freely. The older they got and the more they had learnt, the better they could express themselves. The excitement didn't diminish, though. The cool ones were cool from an early age on. The nervous ones remained nervous. I remember one girl distinctly. She was in my A-level course of English, this means between 17 and 19 years old. She had to deliver her speech in the first lesson of the day which starts at the ungodly time of 7.35 in the town where I live. It was winter and still dark. Strangely, no-one had switched the light on. Of course, we could understand her also in semi-darkness, but after some minutes I got up to let it be light. The girl was standing between my desk and the door beside which was the light switch. When I passed her, I felt as if I had entered an electric field. I could physically feel her nervousness. If we had had the technical means, she could have powered the room herself! I can't say how many pupils crossed my path in my 40-year-long teaching career. But I can say that I never encountered such a phenomenon before or after. Near the door the atmosphere was normal again, but on my way back to my desk I felt electrified again. I have to think of this occurrence because I've met her recently in the town centre together with husband and toddler. I told her what I remember when I see her. She recalls her nervousness during that speech but not her ability to turn it into electricity. Any explanations?
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@BelleStarr (34902)
• Portland, Connecticut
3 Nov 15
She obviously had a very powerful aura that is how I would explain it, extreme fear could have produced it.
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@sofssu (14708)
4 Nov 15
My younger son has this effect when he is in prayer, we get a shock when we touch him. He himself gets one if we touch him.
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@Rollo1 (16669)
• Boston, Massachusetts
4 Nov 15
I tend to go with coincidence. Something affected you, but I doubt it was electrical current emanating from her body.
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@RasmaSandra (14792)
• Riga, Latvia
3 Nov 15
@MALUSE I have heard of people who can radiate certain powers one of them being electricity. I just don't know how that works. I have felt great heat from some people and less heat from others. One person I knew seemed to sort of shine when they became really excited.
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@GreatMartin (4322)
• Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
5 Nov 15
Just a question--not that I know anything--a rug on the floor?
@MALUSE (34518)
• Denmark
5 Nov 15
There are no rugs in this school. I once was in a more modern school, however, where they have wall-to-wall carpeting. There the synthetic material in the carpet could have be an explanation.
@JudyEv (108145)
• Bunbury, Australia
5 Nov 15
That's pretty amazing but I don't have any explanation for it.
@Drosophila (16774)
• Ireland
4 Nov 15
Maybe her apprehension was vibrating the air particles. I've had a few cases where I felt rage in the room, as soon as I walked in. I think this might be the closest experience I've had I could relate to.
• United States
4 Nov 15
All living things have an electromagnetic field around them. Hers was cranked up to high no doubt by her emotional state.
@LadyDuck (131197)
• Switzerland
4 Nov 15
My husband has this kind of "aura", when he is too close to the radio (or even the TV), there is a so called "Larsen effect", as the signal received by the radio is amplified.
@marguicha (83920)
• Chile
4 Nov 15
We must accept that there are lots of things we donĀ“t understand. We are energy, after all.
• Eugene, Oregon
4 Nov 15
This young woman may have powers beyond her knowledge, or she may have simply been so nervous that she exuded electricity.
@just4him (99791)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
4 Nov 15
I have no explanation. Interesting phenomenon.
@jstory07 (61158)
• Roseburg, Oregon
3 Nov 15
She was really scared to have an electric field like that.
@kizzyB (184)
• United Kingdom
3 Nov 15
I can only think of static electricity. It must have been an odd experience.
@boiboing (12261)
• Northampton, England
3 Nov 15
Maybe she was wearing lots of synthetic clothes.