Remembering to remember.

@xFiacre (10508)
November 8, 2015 4:09am CST
The housing estate where I have my work base is peopled by rather a lot of suited and booted men this Sunday morning. They have been scurrying between houses and standing in groups at street corners smoking heavily and there is an air of nervous tension about the place. There are no women around other than the occasional female shape in a pink dressing gown and slippers dandering over to the shops for milk, and I slowly remember that it's Remembrance Day. All the men on the estate have to be seen to have remembered, must appear on the street in a black suit, white shirt and black tie, and they must wear a large poppy. To not appear would raise questions they would not like to have to answer. So there is much strutting and posturing, barber shops have been doing a roaring trade all weekend, bitter aftershave can be picked up at 50 paces, and once the magic hour of 11 o'clock has passed everyone will revert to type.
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@PhredWreck (6095)
8 Nov 15
Appearances are all, to some people. If you appear to have remembered to remember, then apparently your appearance appears to make people remember that you remembered, so they may appear to appear that they remembered that you remembered to remember, and all can appear as it should...or something like that anyway.
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@Jotomy (6129)
• India
8 Nov 15
@boiboing (12524)
• Northampton, England
8 Nov 15
How very strange. I've never seen anything like that.