Finally, Duterte announced he is running for President

Roxas, Philippines
November 22, 2015 7:21am CST
For months Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been giving mixed signals about his intention to run for President. He always said that he will not run for president. But he also keeps revealing what he intends to do if he will become the President of the Philippines. On the last day of the filling of the Certificate for Candidacy, he filed his candidacy... the the dismay of his supporters, for the mayoral position of Davao... against his own daughter. (???) Today (November 22) Duterte announced his decision to run for President as the substitute candidate for their party's presidetial candidate who withdrew from the race a few days ago. (Read: To some, Duterte was so indecisive... calling him fickle minded. To some who was able to read between the lines though, it all part of his strategy. While the other candidates have already been throwing issues and accusations against each other, Duterte's name never came out. I guess that's one reason he did not joined the race right away... along with other strategical reasons I guess.. Now, the Presidential race is more exciting. What do you think?
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• Calgary, Alberta
23 Nov 15
I remember him as the Mayor known for having a vigilante group that kills criminals. I am still not sure if I want to vote him but he is better than the other choices.
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• Calgary, Alberta
24 Nov 15
@jrlcentral As an Environmentalist, I hope the criminals he will keep wont be dumped in rivers and oceans. We shall not pollute rivers and oceans. You know he needs to learn proper waste disposal.
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• Roxas, Philippines
26 Nov 15
@CaptAlbertWhisker aw! I think that would be a problem. He mentioned he will be dumping them on the Manila Bay... tsk tsk.. On the other hand, I have been to Davao City for a couple of times, it was one of the cleanest city that I have been to... so I suppose he is also strict when it comes to garbage disposal. heheh