Mama's Biscuits

@UncleJoe (9372)
Virginia Beach, Virginia
November 24, 2015 8:52pm CST
Mama made the best biscuits I ever had in my life. Especially in the Winter when she put “cracklins’” in them. I would have rather had one of them than a whole bag of candy. Left over biscuits usually wound up as my school snack the next day. One morning my mother warned me that she had seen mouse droppings in the bread basket so I shouldn’t take that batch to school. She also mentioned that mice and rats carry deadly disease that could make me sick or kill me. The little hard-head wrapped them up and took them anyway. They still looked and smelled mighty delicious. During morning class my imagination overwhelmed me. By snack time I was too scared to eat them. I didn’t have time to get sick or die. By mid afternoon I realized I had been concerned without reason. Miss Dunford, my teacher showed no signs or ill effects at all. She thought they were delicious as well.
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@Jessicalynnt (47808)
• Centralia, Missouri
25 Nov 15
hahahahah, that was terrible!
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@Platespinner (19363)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
25 Nov 15
I always thought it was risky for a teacher to accept edibles from students who might have questionable motives...
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@Missmwngi (9628)
• Nairobi, Kenya
25 Nov 15
Mmmh the things we do as kids lol but they create good memories
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@amnabas (9961)
• Karachi, Pakistan
25 Nov 15
Ohh what a pitty.....It was good that she didnot got
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