I've been savaged.

@xFiacre (10384)
December 6, 2015 9:27am CST
I've just been mauled by a Jack Russell. I went to visit a woman whose husband died in the early hours of the morning and had the temerity to sit in the seat normally reserved for the man of the house. The wee dog went berserk and I feared for my trouser leg. He's confused but senses that all is not the way it ought to be, and I know that there are many who would try to explain the new situation to the dog, but I don't think I'm one of them.
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@jaboUK (50127)
• United Kingdom
6 Dec 15
The poor dog just knows that someone else should be in that chair. Btw, Francene (justfran) says to say hello to you.
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@boiboing (12524)
• Northampton, England
6 Dec 15
I love Jack Russells. They are such feisty little dogs.
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@allknowing (55123)
• India
7 Dec 15
Dogs know more that we think they know. Their philosophy of life is demonstrated by what you experienced.
@sugartoes (33737)
• Greencastle, Indiana
6 Dec 15
dogs know when somethings not right when things are different to them the one person that they are attached to is gone makes them very uneasy & unsure what to think or feel, if people would THINK for a min about the pets that's close to that person that passed away to take them out of the house if you know that person is fixing to die within hrs this will make the change for them a little easier for them after they are brought back in. I have a dog that's very close to my husband & if I knew my husband was fixing to die I would take that dog out of the house for a few hrs till after my husband passed away & a few hrs after he was gone so when the dog came back into the house it wouldn't effect it as bad other than the one they are close to is gone but don't know where. dogs are not stupid animals they sense things WAY better than we do.