Oh Friday Where are You?

Winston Salem, North Carolina
December 10, 2015 5:47am CST
It’s been one of THOSE weeks. I think we all have them every now and again, weeks when nothing seems to go quite right. My chromebook, that handy device that serves as both my personal journal and my link to the world outside of my immediate home is languishing. An unintended meeting with a heavy, falling object damaged the screen and insidious black tentacles of death are streaking across my display. One of our cats has been banished from the house for marking territory but it seems that everytime I turn around the big grey and white beast is back in the house. Just before I went to bed last night he jumped out of the bathroom closet. I scooped him up and dumped him outside figuring thinking that one of my more absent minded children had let him in. This morning I woke to find him curled up on the bed beside my feet. Seriously? I deposited him outside only to find him back in the kitchen before I finished making coffee. A little bit of sleuthing revealed that he had ripped through a cardboard patch and a layer of insulation to sneak through a chest high hole in the wall between the garage and my sons’ basement domain. How does a cat even find a weak spot nearly five feet off the floor? Just in case that wasn’t enough my husband is out of town at the moment so the morning task of firing up the wood heater fell to me today. I don’t mind the chore, and actually find a certain amount of pride in my fire building skills. Not this week. The wood in the woodbox is from the bottom of last winter’s pile. It’s partially rotted and damp from our rather soggy autumn and is refusing to burn. Computer files have mysteriously vanished, and a light bulb has burned out in the refrigerator. The washing machine is randomly choosing to turn itself off mid-cycle and the remaining members of our poultry flock seem to have no interest in remaining inside the fence. And the list goes on… I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this week to be over. It seems that everything I touch either breaks or refuses to cooperate, it’s the opposite of Midas’ golden touch. Of course we all know how well that turned out, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.
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@marlina (62066)
• Canada
11 Dec 15
Friday is here now, I hope that you feel better now.
• Canada
10 Dec 15
That does sound like a rough week. Hopefully things turn around soon.
@BelleStarr (31954)
• Portland, Connecticut
10 Dec 15
It never rains but it pours and yes, the week is almost over so hopefully things will get better.