Another bombed café.

@xFiacre (6296)
January 14, 2016 4:35am CST
The sun is dazzlingly bright this morning, and the winter air is full of the sound of shafts of light bouncing off windows and cars and whatever other shiny objects they fall on. I watch it all from the safety of a café, looking out at the golden lances and arrows piercing the atmosphere and reflecting on the fact that a few hours ago it was a café in Jakarta, Starbucks, that bore the brunt of a bomb and gun attack. Cafés are such easy targets, places of refreshment and relaxation, places of equality where people from all walks of life meet and rub shoulders, the full range of humanity, or almost.
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@celticeagle (114537)
• Boise, Idaho
15 Jan 16
I have seen sun in a dazzling light in months. Yes, the cafes and all such establishments are easy pickings. It's sick. What can we say? We must all of us be vigilant.
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• Te Puke, New Zealand
14 Jan 16
Hi yeah It's like a dark shadow on the world, sometimes I wonder how did the world get like this bad, it's a shame when some people want to hurt others just because of what they believe in. Yes your quite right cafes and public places where people are just relaxed and enjoying themselves are targets for sure :(
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@shshiju (9541)
• Cochin, India
14 Jan 16
Humans are the greatest enemies of Humans
@LadyDuck (126912)
• Switzerland
14 Jan 16
I have read the news early this morning, another bombing, it seems it was a kamikaze.
@jaboUK (51570)
• United Kingdom
14 Jan 16
That's terrible about Jakarta, it's not that long ago that this sort of thing was happening in your country, is it?
@simone10 (22242)
• Louisville, Kentucky
14 Jan 16
II hadn't heard of this until I read your post. Then I had to go read about it online. This is extremely sad and there was loss of life which makes it even sadder. I just don't understand what this world is coming to.