Therapeutic Music

New York, New York
January 28, 2016 7:38pm CST
There are not as many meditation, therapeutic music radio stations out there. Everything is mainstream pop, hip hop, etc. Hearts of Space is an excellent program, that has been around for a long time. I decided to start my own therapeutic music podcast, to help me sleep better and ease my mind. Nothing fancy, mostly synthesizers and digital arrangements. But it has helped me relax more. So I sincerely hope the show will help others. No money asked, no donations, necessary. This is a project on therapeutic music that I would like to see grow, and help others. :) Any good meditation, new age music artists, bands I should explore? Hope to hear from fellow MyLot folks. Blessings to all. The Relaxing Mind Program
The Relaxing Mind Program takes you on a journey through lush and serene sound arrangements to help you overcome the stress of day to day living and find you some inner peace. The program is perfect for veterans, anyone feeling down, depressed, meditation,
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@FourWalls (14200)
• United States
29 Jan 16
That's an interesting niche. I don't use music earmarked for "relaxation." I usually just have the radio playing whatever. When I need relaxation I tend to use waterfall videos on You Tube. I know my massage therapist has "soothing music" (no Ramones or Bob Wills ) playing when I'm getting a massage, but I don't have a clue what artists are playing. Good luck with the podcasts!
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• New York, New York
30 Jan 16
Thanks very much. :) I started the podcast because You Tube video posting puts a strain on my data plan. Hearts of Space is a great radio program that plays an amazing variety of relaxing, meditation, and new age music. They were very influential to me. A humble thank you again for the well wishes. :)