Money over love?

Rochester, New York
January 29, 2016 7:35pm CST
A man secretly divorced his wife a few months after they were married and she had no clue that he did it. He filed for divorce from his wife in the Dominican Republic and hired someone to represent her. They had been married for over 20 years and raised a son together when she found out about the divorce. He did it so that he could protect his assets... wouldn't a pre-nup have worked out just as well? For more check this page out!
They were married for 20 years, raising a son and living the good life jetting between homes in New York and France. It was all perfect, except for one thing: He had secretly divorced her just mont...
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@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Jan 16
ugh that would have been my cue to leave the jerk had I been her but each to h is o wn I guess wow
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• Rochester, New York
30 Jan 16
I would have bolted too, only AFTER I took everything from him that I could get. lol Drain his finances dry so to speak.
@Shavkat (66202)
• Philippines
30 Jan 16
That's not fair for the woman. If it is true love, then why we need to have pre-nuptial. It is like that you are not loving the person truly.
@Morleyhunt (21453)
• Canada
30 Jan 16
Truly bizarre. There is probably more to this story.